Building and construction sector in Europe is one of the sectors which suffered most the economic crisis in these last few years, and where for many reasons innovation and upgrading of competences is still difficult to develop.

One important need of this sector is related to the lack of a specific professional profile: a DIAGNOSTIC EXPERT, an expert who can dialogue with owners of existing buildings or their representatives (administrador/amministratori di condominio/building managers/administrator kondominium) and at the same time with building and construction professionals, being the one who can use up-to-date technologies to analyze the building, detect and explain the needed interventions (i.e. for earthquakes prevention, for improving energy, structural and environmental comfort etc).
This expert could – with specific socio-psychological and technical competences – inform and guide owners and building managers in planning interventions through a really aware and informed decision based on real data on their specific building.
The project general aim is to deepen knowledge about existing up-to-date technological tools for building assessment through the collaboration among international partners, and consequently to upgrade existing training tools and professional qualifications curricula in order to create a renewed professional profile in building and construction sector.

The desired professional profile should include competences in: the use of up-to-date diagnostic tools, cross-disciplinary instrumental techniques and communication.
Specifically, ICT applied to construction: Structural, Energy and Environmental diagnosis tools, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Geomatics and remote sensing, 3D models production.

– Upgrade and innovate existing training programs about up-to-date technological tools and methodologies for building
– Improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning of up-to-date technological tools and methodologies for building assessment
– Increase the synergic use of up-to-date technologies, in an integrated way, with a team work approach and personal development
– Increase the cooperation among educational institutions and enterprises in EU for better employability.

NEEDS to be addressed:
– lack of homogeneous curricula validated at European level for training in building diagnostic methods in higher education
– lack of “mixed” network among educationals+companies focussed on WBL for DIAGNOSTIC EXPERTS
– lack of up-to-date diagnostic-related recognized professional qualification in the participating Countries.

DIAGNOSIS project intends to meet Europe 2020 growth strategy priorities on employment and education. The project takes into account also the EU Roadmap Opening up Education (04/2013) enhancing education and skills development through new technologies and underlining “insufficient supply of quality digital contents across languages, subjects and needs”.

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