The Short-term joint staff training event (C6) Open Training of trainers about Diagnosis new Training Programs was held from 11th to 15th February 2019, at CEF WUT Warsaw, Poland

Over the five days event the participants received detailed information about the Diagnosis syllabuses developed in the project and discussed over the presentations on relevant topics, which covered all three developed modules:

– Module 1.- General subjects

– Module 2.- Instrumental complements for diagnosis

– Module 3.- Analysis elements

Participants  exchanged knowledge and experiences, learned from each other, and debated about how to adjust and improve the curriculum and training methodologies on specific topics linked to diagnosis process. These topics are considered necessary for future “Building Diagnosis Experts”.

The aim of the event was to adjust on a common pattern to be applied to training programs for “Building Diagnosis Experts” in the four Partner Countries.

On the training participated teachers and trainers in the field of building and construction from Poland, Spain, Italy and UK. The training was also open to local participants involved through Resonance Group members, university colleagues and other interested teachers or professionals experts on the field, who accept to be teachers on the next Pilot courses as local multiplier events.

Presentations used during the Training:

Open Training of Trainers about Diagnosis new Training Programs in Warsaw, Poland (C6)

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