From 28th January until 1st of February 2019 in Ferrara, Italy was delivered the Training of Trainers about new Training Programs: intensive course on Curriculum development and Training tools regarding BIM and socio-psychological skills.

The Training was delivered by University of Ferrara on which participated 20 participants from Spain, Poland, UK and Italy among which teachers and trainers in the field of building and construction will learn about the new Training Programs for “Building Diagnosis Expert”.


  • background information about the EU panorama in building and construction employment trends with specific reference to Italy
  • panorama of the existing professional qualifications regarding the studied field in Spain, Italy, UK and Poland
  • benchmarking of formal and non-formal recognition of learning outcomes in the framework of ECVET for a European dimension of project results and outputs
  • information about legislative contexts implementation in the 4 Countries and in Europe
  • panorama of employment opportunities in relation to the selected professional competences in the 4 Countries
  • structure and contents of the new training programs
  • learning outcomes and evaluation criteria.
Open Training of Trainers about new Training Programs in Ferrara, Italy (C5)

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